When you dive deep into zills, playing with awareness, intention and love, your skills suffice.

Deeper skill permits deeper freedom, more joyful play, more nuanced expression, more powerful connection.

Deeper skill comes with diving into it - giving it your love, energy, and time. Giving yourself the chance to grow - in physical skill, and in your mind, heart, and soul.

Are you ready?

If you yearn for joy and freedom and want to learn the way you learn best, to deepen your confidence and skill playing zills for connection, expression, fun, meditation and healing, 

Say Yes.  

Come play zills with me.

I learned more from Jenna in a 2-hour workshop than the whole previous year of classes combined. It was the most helpful and practical zill class I've ever been to. Plus, it was a blast! - Julie Morgan, dancer

The Dancing Cymbalist


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