Is playing zills when you dance messing up your joy?


You’ve had enough struggling.

You long for expressive freedom and soul-satisfying joy.

You want to go beyond getting it right to getting it real.


It’s not just you. You’re not alone.


Welcome to Connect with Zills.


Rhythm. Speed. Steady time.

Trying to play a rhythm while you’re dancing can be so frustrating. Playing fast enough to keep up. Staying on the beat. Trying to keep it all going at once. Maybe you’re afraid to play your zills. Maybe you love your zills – and sometimes hate them!

Maybe you wonder, “Where’s the joy?” 

You can find it when you learn how to merge with your zills and express who you are at any skill level. 

In Connect with Zills, through step-by-step online video lessons, we focus on how you play and practice, so that what you play, how fast you play, and how well you play become the palette for your full-out self expression.

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I learned more from Jenna in the two-hour workshop than the whole previous year of classes combined! Plus it was a blast!

Julie MorganDancer

You've given me a solid basis for zill practice at home, and the joy of dancing with zills.

Karen KafkeDancer

The experience of playing zills with Jenna in the lead is like having dessert!

Lynda NordquistDancer & yoga instructor

I really felt you gave me permission to work at my skill level, but at the same time challenged me!

Shawna MahanDancer

Finally, a zills workshop that makes sense. I like the way you broke it down step by step, so that even a person with no musical background can grasp the information.

Karen BoxDancer

I learned an approach to playing the zills that has broken down some barriers. The class was extremely beneficial and well-organized, in a way where everyone's needs seemed to be met.

Sonja RadvilaDancer