Are you a belly dancer longing to express yourself more completely?

Have you learned what to play with your zills - but not really how?

Do you feel caught between 'doing it right' and 'not doing it right,' with no room for your soul? 

Do you feel in your bones that there is must be more depth, more freedom, and a great deal more joy possible?

If so, you are in the right place.

If you yearn to express yourself more authentically with zills in your dance,

If you long to be so in tune with your zills that their voice becomes your voice,

If joy and freedom are irresistibly calling you,

Say Yes.  

Come play zills with me. 


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I learned more from Jenna in a 2-hour workshop than the whole previous year of classes combined. It was the most helpful and practical zill class I've ever been to. Plus, it was a blast! - Julie Morgan, dancer

The Dancing Cymbalist


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