Joy is pure and subtle like water: it spreads everywhere.
– Shamsuddin Tabrizi

About Connect with Zills 


My book, The Dancing Cymbaliststarted life as video scripts.

I wanted it to be accessible to people like me, who learn best by watching, listening and doing.

Video production costs were prohibitive at the time, so it became a book. The whole body of work grew in the writing, and has continued to grow.

The Dancing Cymbalist is designed to be a resource rather than a workbook, and I have continued to want to make the material more accessible and useful. When I discovered that I could teach online with video, and that digital video was well within range, I got very excited!

I taught two full weekends of intensive workshops based in the foundational chapters of the book, with two professional videographers on board. Teaching live, the material expanded again! To create my first three video courses, I’m arranging this wonderful work into lessons in more natural learning sequences.

Connect with Zills video courses offer the newest incarnation of this powerful work.

My courses can help you

  • enjoy growing your skills and presence,
  • own the skills you have and truly express yourself at your level,
  • empower yourself with the exhilerating freedom of playing music in motion,
  • feel your spirit ringing in your zills and your body and bones, and
  • bring joy and meaning to yourself and the lives you touch.

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