Zillpower 1 – Intimate Relationship


If you’ve played zills, you already know:

It takes practice to play them. 

It takes skill, knowledge of rhythm, and a coordinated timesense.

It also takes strength, dexterity, and the ability to relax into playing.

Do your hands get tense when you play? Do your neck and shoulders, or even your jaw tighten up? Do your arms wilt? Do you tense up every time you try something new––a harder combination or a faster speed?

If so, then you already know this, too:

Playing zills affects your whole body.

But did you know that the opposite is also true?

How you use your body affects your playing.

If you’re ready to learn the best practices to transform your zill-playing, right now and forever going forward, this course is for you.

  • Learn little pieces that add up to a big difference in your playing.
  • Reduce tension in your set-up, so you start playing from the best possible place, making everything you do easier.
  • Merge with your instrument so well that your truest expression can shine.

Simple, powerful work that you will not find anywhere else!

“How you use your body affects the sound – so this is an intimate relationship here!” – from Zillpower 1: Intimate Relationship, the first in a new series of video courses bringing The Dancing Cymbalist to life.

What Will I Learn?

  • What to look for and listen for choosing your zills
  • The most important thing about any set of zills
  • The little things that help you play more fluently
  • The key to being on time for every stroke
  • The secret to becoming One with your zills
  • How to let your heart shine through your zills

Topics for this course

10 Lessons

Introduction: Welcome!?

Before you dive in, here's how you can get the most out of this course.
Introduction: Welcome!

Choosing your zills: Looking?

First, we explore the physical attributes of zills, the variety and differences of zills, and how to know when one set is enough.

Choosing your zills: Listening?

Here we explore all the sonic attributes of any set of zills, and the single most important thing to consider when you’re choosing your zills.

Becoming fluent: Elastic connections?

Becoming fluent with any instrument lets us express ourselves more easily. Elastic is the interface between your fingers and your zills, and in this video we explore the details of setting up that interface for easier fluency.

Becoming fluent: Zills on your fingers?

Building on the previous lesson, here we look at how to make one simple change in the way you put your zills on to reduce tension and enhance fluency, and where to place them for maximum technical control.

Becoming fluent: Using form?

Building on the previous lessons, here we explore how you connect with your zills through your arms and hands, how your body affects the sound, and how to adjust your form for more ease and fluency.

Becoming fluent: Moving into zills?

Building on everything you’ve learned so far, here we explore how to connect with your zills through your whole body, for even greater ease and fluency.

Becoming fluent: Moving into zills quietly?

You expand your expressive range when you know how to be silent. In this video, using everything you’ve learned so far, you will learn how to move into your zills and remove them without making a sound.

Becoming fluent: Opening?

This single piece is powerfully transformative. Putting together everything you've already learned to practice this, you are well on your way to a more fluent, free and joyful experience with your zills.

Tuning in: Zill meditation?

Using everything you have learned in this course, here you will listen to and learn a simple zill meditation that you can experiment with in your own way from now on––along with a surprising hidden aspect of zills that can make a difference in your life far beyond music and dance.

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Material Includes

  • 9 video lessons, each one building on the one before it
  • Bite-sized pieces that you can spend as much time on as you like and always come back to
  • Lifetime access, including any updates I add in the future! 


  • A set of 4 finger cymbals
  • Avoid Safari and use another browser for best results

Target Audience

  • Belly dancers who struggle with finger cymbals, who feel frustrated or bored, and long for ease and freedom playing zills when they dance.