I recently played zills in an informal but poignant flute recital with a former student. She lives in the mountains, and she and her family were evacuated during the flood that hit the Front Range in Colorado in 2013. In the chaos and confusion, her treasured silver flute disappeared.

Three and a half years later, she gave her recital as a way of letting go of the original flute, celebrating her new one, and giving back to everyone who supported her and helped with the crowdfunding campaign that enabled her to buy another flute. It was held in a private home, with friends and family of all ages.

We were outside on the deck, warming up with our drummer and running through our improv and song together. A young boy, maybe seven or eight years old, came to the door. He stood and watched the whole time we played. When we went inside, his mom said he’d been watching us play our zills, and was fascinated by them!

I helped him put a pair on his fingers, but we didn’t get to play because the recital was starting. Nevertheless, I  was so delighted that he wanted to play! He made me want to teach children, and I’ve never taught anyone younger than twelve before.

It’s a joy to be inspired. He was inspired, and so was I. He has no experience playing zills yet, and I have no experience teaching children.

We are both beginners.

Chances are, you are a beginner too, at something. Even if you’ve played zills before, there’s something you’ve never done with them before. So, the thing to do is begin. Just begin. Begin where you are. You don’t need anything more than the desire to grow in the direction of your inspiration.

My inspiration brought me here, moving towards teaching online. I don’t know how this will grow, and I don’t need to know. I am beginning, right here, where I am. Writing this.

What are you inspired to do now? How can you begin where you are?

If you feel like sharing, I’d love to know.