Zills are a musical instrument.



There are things that make it easier to play them, easier to play them while moving, and easier to enjoy playing them!

These things will transform how you approach and think about what you play, how fast you play, and how well you play. 


Wherever you are in your journey, this is a new beginning.



My book, The Dancing Cymbalist, is great to dip into when you know what you’re looking for.

AND, if you’re anything like me, you learn more easily from videos than you ever do from a book. So I’m creating video courses that bring The Dancing Cymbalist alive for you.

My first course is available now, and in celebration of its release, it’s ON SALE through December 31, 2020!

Zillpower 1 is for you if:

  • you’ve never played zills before and feel intimidated
  • you struggle with playing zills
  • you feel frustrated or impatient when you’re playing them
  • playing zills gets in the way of your dancing joy
  • you’re bored with your zills and wonder, “Is that all there is?”

Playing zills while you dance can be easier.

It can be more fun. It can be more creative. It can be more joyful and fulfilling for you, and you don’t have to know more rhythms or play faster to get there – you can have it all while you grow your skills!

You can begin where you are.

Learn more!

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Upcoming courses:

Zillpower 2 / Growing Musicianship – Learn secrets that give wings to your zills and empower your self-expression at every skill level.

Zillpower 3 / Musical Friendship – Learn ways to play with others that delight you at every skill level, and make other musicians love playing with you.

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