Book: The Dancing Cymbalist

The Dancing Cymbalist: How to play music with finger cymbals & dance at the same time

by Jenna Woods

For anyone interested in Middle Eastern music and dance or sound for meditation and healingthis essential guide brings new energy to the subtle art of playing finger cymbals, and teaches artistry like never before. 

Introducing the Noor Method of practice for music in motion, it offers dynamic in-depth instruction that takes full advantage of the rich variety of finger cymbals that are available today.

Seasoned with stories, inspiration, and practical wisdom from dervishes, professional musicians, and professional dancers, and abundantly illustrated with photographs and charts, this is an unprecedented resource.


Product Description

– finger cymbal styles & sources
– techniques & variations
– consistent sound quality; improving timesense; learning rhythms
– finding & pushing your Edge
– practice for coordination & speed
– cymbal meditations
– trance unison
– solo & interactive improvisation

and much more.