Invitation to Joy: Playing on the high-octave Path

Invitation to Joy: Playing on the high-octave Path


Saturday February 24,  6:15 – 7:45pm 

Himalayan Wellness Center 

5092 W. 92nd Ave. Unit D 

Westminster, CO 80031

$18 in advance, $20 at the door

If you are a dancer, healer, musician, meditator, or other outside-the-box creative, and you long to feel happier, express yourself more freely, connect more easily with others, lighten and deepen your practice, and open more strongly into Spirit, this is for you. Come!

I have loaner zills – and if you have your own, please bring them.

Product Description

Finger cymbals are as old as the pyramids, and the high-octave healing power of their expressive resonance is re-emerging. In this evening, I will guide you to experience their vibrations in ways that can shift your energy, gather you into greater wholeness, delight you, and take you deeper into rich, quiet presence in the moment. Participants may choose to play or witness; both are powerful, and prior skill is optional.