Feeling free playing zills is the best feeling in the world

Finding freedom with zills is playing music in motion, letting the sound move all the way through you and bloom from the tips of your fingers. It’s a rich, whole-body experience.  

My training style helps you embody what you learn, become fluent with zills at your own level, build your skills, grow your confidence – and grow the free-spirited sense of play that brings joy.

Both private and group trainings include all the support you need to integrate your learning, so you can go on and enjoy your new level of skill and expression. All levels welcome.

Private training: Nourish Your Inner Artist

If you thrive on personal attention and you’re ready to give yourself time to grow, these choices are for you.

Single Private Session

A single 45-minute session is a good way for you to dip your toes in to discover how you can grow while working and playing with me.

I give sessions at my location in Boulder, CO, both live and via Skype. Please note that we work around a time lag in Skype sessions; live is of course best.

Cost: $75

Solo Zill Immersion

The Solo Zill Immersion is your day to go deep into the aspects of playing zills that most challenge and interest you. This one-day intensive is custom-designed especially for you alone, to give you a breakthrough and boost your zill practice.


— Pre-training consultation to clarify your goals

— 5 hours of private focus time. Training sessions are interspersed with practice, healing, break time, and play time, to help you integrate what you learn.

— Summary/Q& A/Closing

— One 15-minute follow-up support session, by phone, Skype or live

— Unlimited email support

Cost: $325

Private Session Packages help you build your skills gradually, with expert guidance and ample support that match your own unique learning style.

Triad  Package – 3 sessions in 6 months

This is for you if you want to grow a little at a time, economically, with space and flexibility to do it your way.


— 15-minute support sessions as needed, by phone or Skype

— Unlimited email support

Cost: $195

All of the following packages include:

— A payment plan option, with discount for paying in full.

— Pre-training consultation to clarify your goals.

— Bi-monthly, 45-minute private training sessions*, live in person

— Noor Method Practice Session worksheet pdf

— 15-minute support sessions as needed, by phone, Skype or live

— Unlimited email support

— Option to continue month-to-month

*May be substituted for 45-minute zill healing sessions at any time with at least 24-hours notice.

Feel the Rhythm Package – 6 sessions in 3 months  

This is for you if you have a specific goal and want a burst of support to help you get there.

Cost: $395 when paid in full

Laughing Zills Package – 12 sessions in 6 months

This is for you if you’re feeling frustrated or curious about the challenge of playing zills while moving. We’ll go deep with the Noor Method, to empower you to clarify specific challenges, target your practice sessions, and achieve more expressive freedom playing zills.

Cost: $735 when paid in full

Winged Heart Package – 20 sessions in 10 months

This is for you if you are ready to commit to doing whatever it takes to find true fluency playing your zills. We focus on developing skill with spontaneity and playfulness, so you can express yourself fluently at your level with total, unabashed freedom.

Cost: $1215 when paid in full

For more information and to explore which package might work best for you, contact me here.

Group training: Grow Together with Joy

If you thrive in companionship with others, and you’re ready to give your time and energy to diving deep together, these are for you.

Zill Circle is an experience of the moment, both profound and playful, where you can settle together into the sound of the zills to heal, laugh and grow. In the Zill Circle, you can shed stress, relax your mind, nourish your heart, raise your spirits, grow your sense of connection and spontaneity. Benefits are cumulative.

To organize a Zill Circle for your group, contact me here.

To find the next Zill Circle, go to Events.

Zill Immersions focus on building specific skills in a way that allows you to relax and enjoy your training, learn the way you learn best, feel the elation of steady success, and learn how to freely explore your unique expression with zills.


— Intensive group training sessions

— New, full-color ebook excerpts from The Dancing Cymbalist, second edition, revised, updated and reorganized especially for each training.

— Private Facebook group

— Follow-up support sessions as needed, by phone, Skype or live

— Unlimited email support

I layer instruction to accommodate all levels, and I keep trainings small to allow for individual attention.

To be notified of Zill Circles and Zill Immersions as they are scheduled,  join my list.

To see the current Zill Circle schedule and details, go to Events.